Experience pharmacy
in a new way

We are a pharmacy delivery app connecting you to our network of friendly and caring pharmacists. We will deliver your medicine, prescriptions and OTC pharmacy products straight to your door, at the tap of your phone, in under 2 hours.

We take pleasure in looking after people and hope to take care of you for years to come.

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What is Hola Meds?

Hola Meds is an on-demand health services app that provides customers access to medical assistance faster and safer through a seamless user experience.
The first phase of our service is a peer-to-peer marketplace where customers can get access to prescription & over the counter medications – delivered to their door in under 2 hours.
Our service is safe, secure, convenient & easy to use.

Hola Meds is...


Never wait in line at the pharmacy. We deliver your medications and healthcare to your door


Never worry about refills. We keep track so you don’t have to.


You can still chat with your pharmacist whenever is convenient.


Giving you back time, so you can spend your time your way.

Our vision

To improve the health of every person on the planet

Our mission

To create innovative & affordable health care services of the future; accessible to everyone

Our guiding principle

We’re creating a platform that will help our customers live a healthier & more empowered life – it’s not about us or our technology, it’s about the human impact our platform has on our pharmacists and customers alike.

Our team

We are driven and passionate. Everything we do is about supporting our pharmacists & customers to have the best experience.

Lenin Rajendran

Lenin Rajendran

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Thiru Rajendran

Thiru rajendran

Co-Founder & Chief
Technology Officer
Dr Vishnu Gopalan

Dr Vishnu Gopalan

Co-Founder & Chief
Medical Officer

Matthew Dunstan

Chief Growth Officer

Our Founding Story

Hola Meds was founded with a challenger spirit and an unyielding belief: that through technology, people should be able to access health services quickly and easily, when and where they need them.

Two years ago, two men had a simple idea–that “as easily as sending a text”, individuals should be able to connect to a network of on-demand health services.

Thiru & Lenin saw that the macro trend towards on-demand services in other industries was the way of the future for the health services industry. In a chance discussion with Thiru’s local GP Vishnu, the co-founding trio was born and Vishnu became an early-stage investor.

With Vishnu’s insight firsthand into GP & Pharmacy practices the team saw an opportunity to not just disrupt the industry, but to leverage their technology to revolutionise the way that pharmacies service their customers, making Hola Meds what it is today. 

A large portion of Hola Meds growth has been driven by pharmacy partnerships, along with support from the general medical community in Western Australia.

Hola Meds was built with a desire to empower everyday people with more time & better health.

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