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Look out the window – winter is coming! And as the colder months approach, the hot topic turns to the best ways of staying well and healthy throughout the colder months.

The common cold is still largely a mystery to us, but some evidence suggests that a few infectious organisms, like flu viruses, thrive in colder temperatures. There’s also evidence that exposure to cold temperatures suppresses our immune system, increasing the potential for infection.

We do know that viruses are more easily spread in winter because we spend more time indoors and have closer contact with each other.

Either way, there are things we can do to ensure our immune systems stay as strong as possible. From eating well to staying active, they are all very do-able, starting with making sure you get all the vitamins and minerals your body requires to boost your immune system. Vitamin C, found in most fruit and vegetables, is a great immune-booster, as is zinc, – found in most animal products as well as many nuts and seeds – and iron, in meat and greens like beans and spinach. We get less exposure to sunlight in winter, which can lead to less production of vitamin D – crucial for general health.

If you’re low in any of these, your body may feel run down and could struggle to fight off infection. Good nutrient supplements from reputable pharmacists are one way of making up for anything your diet may be lacking in. If you’re leading a hectic lifestyle, or are house-bound for any reason, you can always rely on prompt, secure home pharmacy deliveries from Hola Meds.

Here are three top tips to help you manage your health this winter.

  1. Eat well. There’s no ‘silver bullet’ here, the best thing you can do for yourself is to eat a wide variety of foods. Think colour – if you have a rainbow of colourful foods on your plate, you’ll be covering all your bases! It’s important to get it as fresh as you can to ensure you get maximum benefit from the vitamins and minerals that keep you strong and healthy.
  2. Drink lots of water. Even if you don’t feel as thirsty when the weather’s not hot, it’s important to stay hydrated. Keep a refillable water bottle close by, and keep up other fluids like soups and tea.
  3. Stay active. Hard to do when the weather is cold and wet, but there are indoor activities that will get the heart pumping. From gyms and indoor rock-climbing to Zumba classes – mix it up to keep it interesting. Better still, grab an umbrella and raincoat and head out for a walk in the fresh air. Your body – and your dog – will love you for it! It’s also a great mood-booster if you’ve been stuck inside all day.

It’s never been more important to be vigilant about personal health and hygiene to help stop the spread of not just colds and flu, but the COVID-19 infection. The rules here are easy:
• Wash your hands regularly, especially before preparing food.
• Cough and sneeze into a tissue or your elbow
• Throw dirty tissues away immediately
• Avoid sharing cups and cutlery
• If you’re sick, stay home

If you do fall ill and require medication, consider getting your prescription filled electronically, with Hola Meds. Having your supplements and medications delivered saves time and energy, as well as provides an opportunity to protect the community from contagion.

Stay well, healthy and happy this winter!


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